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We produce highly skilled designers and entrepreneurs attuned to the needs of the industry and equipped to adapt to meet them.

The recurring real-life, professional exposure for the students in their academic curriculum means that they graduate ready for the industry. Our students find themselves placed in prime design and art direction positions in the industry, or often undertake their own entrepreneurial ventures.


Alumni Network who participate in juries and recruit our students


Business Partners globally


Alumni found a successful career in the Creative Industry

Designer, a key role

Our daily life is full of numerous things which we notice carelessly but behind these things various facets of a designers job are hidden : a poster in the metro, payment with a banknote, reading a magazine, opening a cake box… This endless list makes one understand how large the palette of jobs of graphic design is. Since design forms an integral part of our environment, the designer has a responsibility towards our society. It is the designers duty not only to facilitate the use, the reading , the promotion and understanding of the messages but also to adopt an aesthetic outlook in keeping with the tastes of one’s contemporaries. Thus keeping in mind all the above obligations, one can make a portrait of a perfect designer: a creative personality, a hearing sensitivity, a fine psychologist, a curiosity for the world around, a knowledge of the latest techniques as well as the environmental regulations and the constraints of the impressions of metals, paper, plastic, glass etc . This approach is different from an artist’s approach who has a free hand at expressing his vision of the world around without any constraints besides his own personal ideas. Whereas design has certain set permanent objectives of success for the designer to follow.



Biannual exhibitions, as well as students displays for photography, awards etc bring many industry veterans to the campus to recruit students. Get opportunities to find your future employer on campus itself through various events!