Explore the World!

Explore the world, soak in languages, cultures, styles and perspectives across the oceans

Anchored in the belief that exposure is key to broadening students’ minds, we offer innumerable opportunities for students to interact with the world beyond them. Through our vast international network, we organise international workshops, exchange programs, travel and internships for students to cultivate an understanding of other cultures.

As they explore unique perspectives, meet other artists and designers, and get introduced to historically and aesthetically significant cities, our students develop not one, but many cultures. They become truly international creative citizens of the 21st century.

Creativity is universal, to know the world is to have all the points of view. Bringing different cultures together, enriching themselves with others, this is the understanding of the world that we want for our students.


Our longstanding partnerships with agencies across the globe gives our students a network of international choices for their internship. A unique exposure to foreign workplaces widens not only cultural perspectives but offers new approaches to work, organisation and process that students can incorporate into their own methods wherever they may go. For a number of our students, these first steps abroad have turned into long-term posts across the world.


The Institute offers students a total immersion in the graphic culture of a country. Ten to fifteen days of travel punctuated by educational workshops. Among the latest destinations on offer are Paris, Aix-en-Province and Mexico.


More than 100 teachers, artists and designers from all over the world have already come to lead educational workshops on our campuses and have helped to open up the creativity of our students to the world around them. During one week, our students are confronted with different cultures and creative techniques proposed by speakers from all over the world. These creators, all recognized worldwide, bring a vision and reflections on multicultural issues. At the end of these workshops, the work of the students is the subject of an exhibition open to all.