Advertising is reinventing itself, shifting from the era of the mass campaign to one of continued brand engagement. Modern communication must be at least as sophisticated as today’s consumers.

This is a full-time programme which provides an in-depth understanding of Advertising, Branding, Design, Digital and Communication Strategies.

The intensive nature of this programme extends the capacity of creative minds and transforms them into innovative professionals. They are equipped to partake in global marketing and communication campaigns as designers, strategists, art directors and above all, powerful communicators.


Assisting with placements in Europe, Middle East, Asia and the Americas, to gain real-world experience


Conducted by professionals from across the the world, tackling multicultural design problems


Choose to participate in an international study trip, ensuring the adaption to international culture


An intensive professional programme which provides an in-depth understanding of Branding, Design, Digital and Communication Strategies. Real-time client projects and group work, in addition to workshops with industry stalwarts and a local experience prepares the students for the world of design and transforms them into innovative professionals.


Foundation and Design training course by proffessionnals

Duration : 11 Months
- 5 months of design foundation
- 6 months of Intensive training

The first five months of the course focus on introducing students to the creative industries and providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the field. The course emphasizes the relationship between form and function and explores how they influence each other. Students learn fundamental design principles that serve as the basis for their future specializations. They are exposed to a variety of creative concepts and techniques to develop their own style. The course includes lectures, workshops, and project weeks to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to create impactful designs. Students are encouraged to experiment with different mediums and techniques to find their personal style.

Graphic Design + Advertising + Brand strategy + Digital + UI/UX + Art Direction + Creativity + Graphic Design + Editorial Design + Computer Graphics + Branding + Visual Expression + Marketing + Social Medias + Web Design + Creative Writing + Brand Design + Digital Marketing + Social Media + Copywriting + UX Design + Art Direction + Motion Design


Intensive Design training course by industry stalwarts

Duration : 6 months

The pedagogy used in this last semester focuses on integrating economic realities and professional context with one’s personal creative approach. An emphasis is placed on understanding competition, markets, clients and design strategy. Students work on a focused editorial project, as well as a grand project that requires them to address a brand problem through design. They finish the course armed with a curated portfolio, background experience and a mindset ready for the industry.

Digital Graphic Design + Visual Identity + UI Design + Digital Art Direction + Advertising + Advanced Motion Design + Entrepreneurship + Presentation

Industry Internship

Minimum 3 Months

We provide assistance with the program by facilitating an internship* in a reputed design or advertising agency. This internship serves as the culmination of the program and offers students a valuable opportunity to gain firsthand experience in the creative industries. By working in a professional agency, students get a glimpse into the inner workings of the industry and develop a practical understanding of its dynamics.

* Criteriae apply

International Certification in Advertising Design & Digital Communication



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Students who are 18+ years old are eligible to apply.

Admission Process

Students must submit the application form to enrol for the desired courses in our institute.

Selection Process

Students will be subjected to a personal interview and portfolio evaluation.
  1. Fill the online application
  2. Upload necessary documents

    Graduation Transcripts

    Address Proof

  3. Pay application fee
  4. Come in for an interview.

    Bring a creative portfolio* if you have one.